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We provide software development services in multiple niche domains.

Application Software

We focus on working with startups, small- and medium-sized companies who are looking to outsource their software development requirements for operational efficiency. We are your trusted partner for complementing your capabilities in developing mobile apps and/or scalable web-based application software solutions using open-source technologies that are deployed either in private or public cloud. We have an advanced-level domain expertise in customer relationship management, data mining, healthcare, and multimedia applications.


Multimedia Communication

We provide DSP middleware software development services that include porting and optimization (e.g., deep learning algorithms, 3D sound, video pre/post – processing blocks),  parallelization for multi-core platforms, integration – validation – testing of multimedia codecs in media servers, floating – to – fixed point conversion of algorithms, and support / maintenance of multimedia codecs, fax engine on TI and Intel platforms. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Industrial Communication

We offer embedded firmware development services for industrial communication protocols such as the position encoder interface implementation, industrial switches, and application development in the area of time-sensitive-networking. Our team has advanced level expertise with firmware development on the Texas Instruments Industrial Communication Sub-System (ICSS). Please contact us to discuss your requirements.