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Application Software Services

CouthIT’s Application Software Group focuses on developing robust mobile apps, stand-alone desktop apps, and scalable responsive web-based applications. Mobile apps competency refers to our ability for developing apps using the iOS/Android SDK as well as cross-platform development environments. Scalable software competencies refers to our ability to architect, design, and develop complex software solutions for high-volume and data-intensive applications deployed either in private or public cloud. Responsive design competency refers to our ability to develop applications that provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience across a wide range of devices.

We have advanced-level competencies in the following areas:

IOT and Telephony applications are developed in collaboration with our Embedded Software Group. IOT competency refers to our ability to develop and deploy applications on a general purpose embedded systems such as the Raspberry Pi. IVR competency refers to our ability to develop touchtone and speech recognition based IVR applications.

Examples of some successful deliveries are as follows:


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