5-Port Industrial Ethernet Switch


CouthIT’s 5-Port Learning Industrial Ethernet Switch is industry’s first such implementation on the TI Sitara AM572x platform. It has been successfully deployed on the field and has achieved PROFINET compliance.

Salient Features
  • Uses 1 MAC and 1 IP address to implement the 5-port switch.
  • Uses all the 4 PRU ports on the TI AM57xx Sitara platform.
  • The 5th port is the ARM host core providing immense flexibility to develop custom applications as well as managing the 4 PRU ports.
  • Supports 100 Mbps throughput across all the four ICSS PRU ports.
  • PRU firmware compliant to IEEE 802.1 Ethernet Standards.
  • Each port has dedicated queues thereby avoiding all queue contention related complexities resulting in improved performance.
  • Support for storm-prevention.
    Support for per-port statistics.
  • Support for learning on all 4 ICSS PRU ports.
  • Can also be customized to work as two 3 Port Ethernet Switch with the ARM host core being the common port.
Testing Features
  • Validated on the TI Sitara AM572x IDK
  • Throughput testing for unidirectional and bi-directional traffic across all the 4 PRU ports.
  • Tested using unicast, multicast and broadcast packets across all the four PRU ports.
  • Tested for QoS by sending packets with different priority levels.
  • Tested to verify learning on the host and PRU ports.
  • Tested to verify the statistics generated by the PRU ports are correct.
  • Tested to verify that the local-link frames are not forwarded by the switch.
Available Platforms

TI Sitara AM572x

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