EnDAT Receiver


The EnDAT interface from HEIDENHAIN is a digital, bidirectional serial interface for position encoders. It is capable both of receiving data from incremental and absolute encoders as well as transmitting commands or updating information to be stored in the encoder. The serial interface uses four signal lines — two bi-directional differential signals for data and two uni-directional differential signals for clock. The data is transmitted synchronously with the clock signal. The type of data transmission (position values, parameters, diagnostics, etc.) is selected through mode commands send to the position encoder by the receiver. There are a total of 8 mode commands in EnDAT version 2.1 and 14 mode commands in EnDAT version 2.2. EnDAT 2.2 is a superset of EnDAT 2.1 and can be used in safety-related applications up to SIL 3. EnDAT encoders are widely used in industrial automation systems.

  • Open standard and well proven technology
  • Supports both incremental and absolute encoders
  • Clock can be pulsed up to 16 MHz.
  • Supports transmitting position values, key parameters, datum shifts, electronic ID labels, diagnostics, warnings, etc.
  • Position values can be acquired within 5us.
  • Recovery time within 3.75us.
  • High transmission reliability with cyclic redundancy checking
  • Suitable for safety applications – can provide two position values for error detection, two independent error messages, checksums, and acknowledgements.

CouthIT has vast experience with the design and implementation of industrial and motor control communication protocols. We are a preferred vendor for Texas Instruments for the design and development of motor control protocols. We have advanced level experience on TI’s Sitara platform with Linux/RTOS running on the ARM core and the firmware running on the Programmable Real-time Unit (PRU) core within the Industrial Communication Sub-System (ICSS). We have mature processes for conformance testing and verifying compliance criteria requirements for industrial drives applications to ensure quality. Our team is fully familiar with the EnDAT protocol (command sets, estimating/compensating propagation delay, on-the-fly CRC verification, managing concurrent encoders, and safety) and has hands-on experience interfacing EnDAT encoders using the TI Sitara platform. For any requirements regarding EnDAT, please reach out to us at sales@CouthIT.com.

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