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The Embedded Software Group specializes in developing highly optimized multimedia middleware solutions with very low program and data memory footprint and very high speed of execution (lowest MIPS) while being power efficient. This is essential in applications such as cell phones, PDAs and other battery operated hand-held devices as well as in high density applications (such as VOIP gateways) wherein the bill of materials can be considerably reduced.

We license highly optimized, best-in-class, speech, audio, video, and VoIP components to OEMs/ Design Houses. We are pioneers in implementing the latest standards. We also provide services in the design and development of digital signal processing software solutions for multimedia applications. All our solutions are targeted to provide the best performance in terms of lowest MIPS and memory footprint in the industry. Our solutions are validated on Open Embedded Linux, WinCE, and Android operating systems as well as GStreamer and TI's codec engine frameworks. We provide excellent support to our customers to integrate and “internalize” the delivered solutions. We have a flexible engagement/pricing model.

Several of our solutions have been deployed in high-volume applications such as (voice, feature or smart) cell phones, (personal) media players, PDAs and other gateway applications.


Our portfolio includes, as shown below, many highly optimized software components on the Texas Instruments™ (e.g., TI C55x, TI C64x) and ARM® (e.g., ARM9, ARM9E, ARM11) DSPs.


We provide services in the following areas:

  • Fixed-point software development
  • Custom implementation of codecs/dsp algorithms optimized for single- and multi-core DSP platforms

Our portfolio, with an extensive array of readily available components, continues to grow rapidly to include the entire spectrum of multimedia codecs (speech, audio, imaging, and video) and VoIP middleware. To find out more on these and other products and services and how we can help you with your software development needs, please Contact Us.

To view the list of codecs available, please visit the codecs summary page. For information on the our execution strategy, please read about us.

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