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Transforming ideas into solutions®

Our mission is to transform our customer's ideas into software solutions, on time and within budget, with maximum emphasis on quality, performance, ease of use and integration and subsequent support.

Business units

Embedded Software Group

The Embedded Software Group focuses on developing highly optimized software solutions (written using assembly programming techniques) for specific processors (e.g., TI™ or ARM® DSP cores) with very low memory footprint (where every byte is accounted for) and very high speed of execution. This group has an advanced-level domain expertise in DSP and multimedia codecs. Learn More

Applications Software Group

The Application Software Group focuses on developing robust mobile apps, stand-alone desktop apps, and scalable responsive web-based applications. We have an advanced-level domain expertise in healthcare, data mining, and telephony applications. Learn More

Target customers: Around the world

  • OEMs/ODHs looking for support with embedded software modules
  • Small- and medium-size software development companies exploring operational efficiency
  • Businesses looking for customized and reliable software solutions at an economical price

Some of our customers and partners are listed in Showcase.

Our execution strategy

  • Identify areas and invest resources apriori to develop highly specialized, optimal modules that can be easily integrated into larger systems.
  • Focus on building a long-term relationship with customers – this enables CouthIT to orient itself according to the needs and requirements of the customers.
  • Understand the frustrations and obstacles faced by customers in developing reliable solutions on time and within the allotted budget. Provide help in achieving these challenging goals by developing solutions faster, cleaner, cheaper and better.
  • Use internet-based collaborative technologies to coordinate activities on a daily/ weekly basis to provide complete clarity and transparency to the customer on the progress of projects.
  • Educate customers on how to avoid potential pitfalls of outsourcing software projects and on how to derive the same benefits that are enjoyed by multi-national companies with offshore development centers.

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